I am reaching for Jupiter and beyond!

Bear with me for a little longer until the new website is ready!

In the meantime, I am crossing rivers and painting skies to bring back the b-side of what I see and experience almost every day here in Japan or wherever else I might be. I will also have awesome people from all over the world helping me make my website a place to share experiences and thoughts with everyone out there.


Here's a little about what I am up to.

I am always willing to try and allow new experiences into my life, aiming to find inspiration and a purpose in life for me and all of us inhabitants of this planet. My new website will be part of this experience and I want to use it as a gateway to share my experiences with the world.

You will also see contents from other contributors from all over the world, sharing their experiences with us through here.

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Get in touch.

Email: ideas@alexkawano.com