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A few words about me

First and foremost, I come from planet Earth. I enjoy the treats that life has to offer to most of us but in particular, I love capturing moments with my camera, writing new ideas, developing websites, surfing (mostly during summer!), sipping on a good glass of white wine (paired with good cheese, of course!) and a bit more...

What do I do?

I am a digital marketer with a vast and solid presence in the online world.
I design and develop responsive websites. I am also learning web/mobile application development.
Apart form that, I am also an everyday photographer.

What I believe in? Here is a few...

Human rights are rights inherent to EVERY human being.
Every child HAS the right to receive education and unconditional care.
We are ONE WORLD regardless of gender, race, religion and/or nationality.
Marriage is FOR ALL regardless of your sexual orientation.
Spend less time playing on your phone and more time trying to HELP others.

We are launching on December 25, 2016

Either through photographs or articles, here you will come across a different everyday from what most people are used to in Tokyo and other parts of Japan. You will see the fun side of it and also, a lot of times those unspoken moments that will probably get forgotten or lost in time.

Share your ideas with us

I would very much like to hear from you and learn something from new. Share your ideas and thoughts with us. We are here, listening, whenever you feel like talking to us.

Say Hello, Salut, Konnnichiwa...

Contact Information

Want to meet us in real?
If you have any further suggestions, questions or comments, here is the best way to connect with us!

Email : connect@alexkawano.com
Location : San Francisco, USA or Tokyo, Japan

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